Holding a Wedding Sand Ceremony


Marriage ceremonies using sand are also knowns wedding unity sand and are meant to foster unity and love among the wedding couples.  The wedding sand ceremonies are widely known and used during wedding rather than the traditional forms of marriages which used lighted candles.  Light provided by a lit candle has been used to signify the start of a new life of marriage and unity in the traditional marriages which used light as the unifying factor.  The use of unity sand is similar to the lighting of the candle as both are symbols of unity in a marriage occasion.  Sand usage differentiates the unity sand marriage from the traditional lit candle ceremony.  The unity sand ceremonies are very popular for the traditional unity ceremony because the sand is always available and does not face the challenges which may arise during the lighting of the candle.  The lighted candle is more prone to distractors like the wind and rain therefore not reliable as it can be put out.  Wind can disrupt the lit candle especially if the marriage ceremony is held in an open place.  The couples just pour the sand to symbolize their unity and act as their memory for the keepsake event. Learn more about weddings at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding.

The beautifully decorated unity set becomes the center of memories once the wedding ceremony is over.  It marks this memorable wedding day for the engaging couples as it  acts  as the symbol of love and unity.  During the ceremony, a large glass vase is present which comprise two style tubes.  The two small vases are filled by the bride’s and groom’s mothers at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.  The mothers also put the large glass vase in place.  Two of the colored sand are the d?cor of the wedding with the remaining one being white to represent the unity and peace of the ceremony.  The mandate to fill the main glass vase with the white sand rests with the officiant of the ceremony.  The white sand is  poured to signify the start of a new relationship, learn more here!

The groom starts the process of pouring the colored sand into the main glass.  The bride follows the procedure of pouring the colored sand into the same main vase.  The couple will then pour the sand  simultaneously, in small bits creating layers of  sand.  They will poured concurrently when they get closer to balance the layers.  Pouring the remaining sand into the vase simultaneously signifies the end of the wedding occasion.  The blending of the two colored sands symbolizes the joining of the bride and the groom unity which should be preserved as it is a covenant between the two.  The stopper of the large glass vase is used to cover it after the ceremony is complete.  The officiant blesses the ceremony by use of a customized verse.

These events can be held at the beaches where there is plenty of sand so that the participants can have the opportunity to throw sand to grace the occasion.  The Unity Sand has several attributes hence it is perfect symbol of love and unity for marriage ceremonies.


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